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Legoland Discovery Center Boston Review of Popular Attractions & Information About Discount Tickets

If you’re going to have a free day to spend with your family soon, one place you might want to go is Legoland Discovery Center Boston. Tickets are available at a discounted price when you order them at least a day or so in advance online. It’s the perfect place for parents, kids, and grandparents to spend a few hours. Just because it’s indoors doesn’t mean it’s small. It’s a fairly large facility with several attractions, rides, and play areas to explore. There is also a shop filled with every Lego toy set and figure imaginable.

The Discovery Center is located in Somerville at Assembly Row, between a shoe shop and movie theater. It even has its OWN movie theater, where guests can sit and watch 3D animated Lego films with 4D special effects. This is a very neat experience, and each film lasts around 15-20 minutes. Forget about wearing 3D glasses, imagine wearing 4D glasses!

More Attractions at Legoland Discovery Center Boston

When you first get inside the park, you get to go on a Lego Factory Tour. It’s a neat little demonstration on how the bricks actually get made. Kids can interact with the presentation by spinning wheels and pushing buttons. The “Professor” gives each child the brick that they helped make.

The Princess Palace is an area that primarily attracts girls. It’s a pink and purple palace featuring a karaoke machine. Boys are usually more interested in the Build & Test racing area, where they can build their own Lego cars and race them on ramps. The speed of each vehicle is recorded, and the kids can try to modify their cars to see if they can make them go faster.

The Play Zone & Fire Academy is a large enclosed playing area with tunnels, nets, wall, and slide. Kids must wear socks while inside of this playscape. Since the entire structure is enclosed and an attendant is usually present to monitor it, you’ll get a few minutes to rest or grab a snack or drink from the cafe. No child is allowed to leave the enclosed area until their parent returns.

Legoland Discovery Center Boston Discount Tickets

As mentioned above, it’s to your benefit to buy the tickets ahead of time on the website so that you won’t have to wait for very long in line. If you have any toddlers with you, they’ll get in for free (under three years of age). If your kids like the Discovery Center so much that they’ll want to return, you can get annual passes for a great deal as well.

After reading this Legoland Discovery Center Boston review, you might be interested in Legoland promo codes. The company regularly works with online publications to provide coupons and special offers. Be sure to check some out before planning your visit!

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