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Six Flags Tickets

Six Flags is a theme park company known for its great rides, particularly roller coasters. There is always a place for a Six Flags park on your vacations, holidays, or just any visit to the United States. You can watch the video how to get discout tickets or skip right to the park list.

Six Flags Park Status

Keep an eye on the park status, as it may change from time to time. Park opening dates can change, so keep visiting often to stay updated. Also, please notice that the best time to purchase the 2012 season passes is at the beginning of the season or right now, so don't wait!

All parks that are not on this list are closed for the season. Look at the park list to see when they will reopen.

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Coupon Codes

Redeeming instructions: when you click on a coupon, the coupon code
is automatically copied (may not work in all browsers).
All you need to do is paste or type it on the "Promo Code" box on
the top right corner of the Six Flags site
(instructions can be found on the video on the main page).

Notice: pay attention to the coupons' expiration date, the park they apply to, and other restrictions before using.

Season passes are the best way to save this season. Get them while their price is low!

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  • Everyone pays kids price - valid in all parks
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Main Six Flags Site - All Parks

For each park, the price in bold is the best price.

Regular price: the price at the gate.

Online discount: the price when purchasing through the Six Flags website (click on the park name to purchase these tickets).

Coupon - the price when using the best coupon available (click on the coupon code to redeem).

Season pass - a ticket for unlimited visits during an entire season. Season passes for 2010 are now available (click on the park name to purchase). Season passes always provide the best value if you visit frequently. 2014 seaon passes are available in all parks!

If you have any comments (non-working coupons, new coupons you found, or any other comments), feel free to contact us at


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