Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

Use Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Coupons to Make Your Fun Vacation Affordable!

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, in Arlington, TX, features some of the best rides and attractions in the Southwest. This water park utilizes more than 3 MILLION gallons of water! You can enjoy giant waves in Surf Lagoon, float around the park’s lazy river, relax in the sun at Suntan Lagoon, go on thrilling rides, and so forth. You can experience a lot of fun at an affordable price with Six Flags Hurricane Harbor coupons.

The park’s most recent attraction, the Mega Wedgie, was only unveiled last year. This super-thrilling slide stands four stories high and is over eighty feet wide. It will send you zooming down at speeds up to 23 mph! As you go down, you’ll be blasted with water spray jets. Another fun slide you absolutely must go on is the Hydra Maniac. You’ll be whooshed down a tube that twists and turns every which way, before finally being deposited into the lagoon below!

For the young ones, there are some fun tree houses and pirate ships to explore. You can relax out in the sun while your kids hang out at Hook’s Lagoon, a five story tree house that features over 150 attractions, including tot sized slides. Altogether, Hook’s Lagoon has over 40,000 square feet and five levels of fun rides, slides, and cannon blasters.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Coupon Usage

Don’t forget Six Flags Hurricane Harbor coupons. You can get them online and take them with you to the park in order to save on food, attractions, and miscellaneous expenses. Nothing in this world is more fun and exciting than a water park, and Hurricane Harbor undoubtedly offers the best rides, slides, splashes, and blasts!

In order to experience everything that the park has to offer at an affordable price, go ahead and have some Six Flags Hurricane Harbor coupons ready. You can also get tickets in advance at a discounted price!

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