Adventure Island Tampa Annual Pass

Adventure Island Tampa Annual Pass Guide: A Quick Look at EZPay, Annual Pass Options, Benefits, Slides, and More

There are many water parks in this country – especially in sunny Florida. Still, not all of them are as fun as Adventure Island. There are rides for everyone of any age, and the food is affordable for a theme park. Why visit once, though, when you can visit over and over again? You might be able to get an excellent deal on an Adventure Island Tampa annual pass.

If you are a Florida resident, you might be interested in the “EZpay,” a monthly payment program that includes low monthly payments (initially) with no interest and easy cancellation if you are not satisfied.

Regardless of where you’re from, there are four types of annual passes at various prices: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Even with just the Bronze tier, there are benefits valued at around $315. Unlimited admission is included in the park (blackout dates may apply), and popular events are held throughout the year.

There are no blackout dates to worry about with the Gold and Platinum Levels. You also get 4 – 6 free guest tickets to give to friends. With the Silver level, you get 2. Another benefit of being an Adventure Island Tampa annual pass holder is the huge in-park discounts you’ll get, so you won’t have to worry about spending too much on food or merchandise.

Want to visit more than Adventure Island down in Florida? With some passes, access to other parks like Busch Gardens is included.

Adventure Island Tampa Annual Pass for Special Events

Admission to popular events such as Food Festivals, Christmas, Halloween w/ Kids’ Weekends, etc., is included with all annual pass holders. You’ll also get exclusive Discovery Cove savings, Pin Trading Events and Product access, and more.

There are plenty of reasons to keep going back. There is no other park that offers many water attractions like the 17,000 square foot wave pool, Endless Surf, and the Rambling Bayou, a half-mile tube trip that takes everyone through a colorful, pretty rain forest, tropical waterfalls, and even fog.

Those who want something fast and thrilling can check out slides such as the Solar Vortex, Water Moccasin, Caribbean Corkscrew, the upcoming Wahoo Run, and more.

Some Adventure Island Tampa annual pass holders get an all-season quick queue at least once per visit on all of the slides, depending on your tier level. So don’t waste your time waiting in line when you can spend more time enjoying the slides and other attractions.

Adventure Island Tampa Tickets

Adventure Island Tampa Tickets Information: About Attractions, Single-Day Tickets, Special Add-Ons, Multi-Park Packages, & More

Florida is one of the states with tons of parks and attractions. Water parks, in particular, are all over the state, and Tampa Bay is the best place on the city’s Gulf Coast to have water parks. Adventure Island, for instance, is located near Busch Gardens, and you can get tickets to each park individually or a combo ticket for both. However, if you can choose to purchase your Adventure Island Tampa tickets. Keep in mind that there are deals and coupons available online.

You might want to look into special add-on deals as well, such as all-day dining deals (since you can’t bring in your food, drinks, or snacks) or a quick queue unlimited pass where you will get top priority access to all of the most popular rides. Of course, the less time you spend waiting in line, the more time you’ll have to experience more of the park.

If you’re a wave pool kind of person, why not get your private cabana near the Endless Surf Wave Pool? It includes seating for4 guests, an all-day locker, a mini-fridge with several water bottles, a fan, and more.

For a single-day ticket, your options include the ticket by itself or ticket + all-day eating, which costs extra. Weigh the cost of the all-day eating offer and a one-day visit to the cost of having to pay for each meal, snack, and drink individually to decide whether you think it would be worth it.

Adventure Island Tampa Tickets for More Than a Single Day

Of course, there are seasonal passes and fun passes that might be better for you than single-day Adventure Island Tampa tickets. With an Adventure Island Fun Card for 2021, you can pay the same cost as a single-day visit + an all-day eating combo. Still, it’s suitable for multiple visits throughout the rest of the season. Blackout dates apply.

There are also multi-park passes if you want to visit more than Adventure Island. Since Busch Gardens is right across the street, why not visit both if you have enough time? Over in Orlando, there are SeaWorld and Aquatica.

Whether you want passes or single-day Adventure Island Tampa tickets, discounts and coupon codes are easy to find, and there are often extra deals during the season, such as Memorial Day. Military discounts include Active Pass Member FREE Guest, Team Member Tickets, Honor Veteran Appreciation, and Active Duty Waves of Honor.

There is fun to be had for everybody, regardless of age. So relax and enjoy the Lazy River, or go down an exciting slide. The Solar Vorex is the country’s first dual tailspin waterslide. The Rambling Bayou is a calm tube trip that lasts for half a mile as it takes you through a bright rain forest featuring colorful, lush landscapes, rain and fog, and tropical waterfalls.

Look over some Adventure Island Tampa tickets deals and discounts to find out what kinds of savings are available now and in the future.