Legoland Discovery Center Atlanta

Legoland Discovery Center Atlanta Review: What Are Some Must-See Attractions This Fascinating Indoor Theme Park?

Looking for an afternoon of fun with your family? There are more than 15 attractions for kids and adults of all ages to check out at Legoland Discovery Center Atlanta. Reviews from parents are mainly positive, as the Center offers a lot of excitement for their kids. There is plenty for grownups as well, particularly on Adult Night. Located at Phipps Plaza, the facility, including its attractions and features, is made entirely from Lego bricks.

Tickets, which are very affordable, need to be ordered online. Kids under three years of age get in for free. Since there are no guided tours, you are free to do whatever you want. There are fun areas exclusive for kids as well as family-oriented attractions.

In addition to the regular attractions, there are special events held throughout the year, including Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament on adult night in May, as well as Braves Brick Bash in June and Toddler Time. The latter is a guided play and story for toddlers held on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays at DUPLO Village.

Some more attractions you and your kids might be interested in include:


See a miniature of the entire city of Atlanta, built entirely out of approximately 1.5 million Lego bricks. The city comes to life with moving trains, a Braves game at Turner Field, firework display against Stone Mountain at night, etc. There are even buttons on certain sites that allow visitors to interact with those scenes.

Pirate Adventure Island

Kids and adults can participate in free play at this pirate-themed area. It’s designed as an adventure island that features build spaces for guests to create their own Lego-style sandcastle and treasure. Kids can even forge their own pirate ship to sail out on a large water table. There is plenty to explore and discover, including a crystal cave and hidden sea creatures.

Racers: Build & Test

In this area, there are thousands of bricks waiting for guests to build any type of vehicle, in any shape or size. The racing cars can be set out on a speed test track. All ages are welcome at the testing zone.

Duplo Village

The bricks in this area are twice the size of standard Lego bricks. At the village, kids will find large animals, a play slide, and plenty of large bricks to build whatever they want. This is an excellent attraction for children aged one to five years.

There are many more events and features that deserve mention in any Discovery Center Atlanta review, including Merlin’s Apprentice Ride, Master Builder Academy, The Factory Tour, etc. There are also special birthday rooms if you are looking for a fun place to hold a child’s birthday party!

Not only is it fun, it can also be an educational experience. There are many reasons to take your family to Legoland Discovery Center Atlanta. Reviews are positive, and tickets are very affordable. You’ll find Legoland discount tickets and other offers online.

Legoland Discovery Center Boston

Legoland Discovery Center Boston Review of Popular Attractions & Information About Discount Tickets

If you’re going to have a free day to spend with your family soon, one place you might want to go is Legoland Discovery Center Boston. Tickets are available at a discounted price when you order them at least a day or so in advance online. It’s the perfect place for parents, kids, and grandparents to spend a few hours. Just because it’s indoors doesn’t mean it’s small. It’s a fairly large facility with several attractions, rides, and play areas to explore. There is also a shop filled with every Lego toy set and figure imaginable.

The Discovery Center is located in Somerville at Assembly Row, between a shoe shop and movie theater. It even has its OWN movie theater, where guests can sit and watch 3D animated Lego films with 4D special effects. This is a very neat experience, and each film lasts around 15-20 minutes. Forget about wearing 3D glasses, imagine wearing 4D glasses!

More Attractions at Legoland Discovery Center Boston

When you first get inside the park, you get to go on a Lego Factory Tour. It’s a neat little demonstration on how the bricks actually get made. Kids can interact with the presentation by spinning wheels and pushing buttons. The “Professor” gives each child the brick that they helped make.

The Princess Palace is an area that primarily attracts girls. It’s a pink and purple palace featuring a karaoke machine. Boys are usually more interested in the Build & Test racing area, where they can build their own Lego cars and race them on ramps. The speed of each vehicle is recorded, and the kids can try to modify their cars to see if they can make them go faster.

The Play Zone & Fire Academy is a large enclosed playing area with tunnels, nets, wall, and slide. Kids must wear socks while inside of this playscape. Since the entire structure is enclosed and an attendant is usually present to monitor it, you’ll get a few minutes to rest or grab a snack or drink from the cafe. No child is allowed to leave the enclosed area until their parent returns.

Legoland Discovery Center Boston Discount Tickets

As mentioned above, it’s to your benefit to buy the tickets ahead of time on the website so that you won’t have to wait for very long in line. If you have any toddlers with you, they’ll get in for free (under three years of age). If your kids like the Discovery Center so much that they’ll want to return, you can get annual passes for a great deal as well.

After reading this Legoland Discovery Center Boston review, you might be interested in Legoland promo codes. The company regularly works with online publications to provide coupons and special offers. Be sure to check some out before planning your visit!

Legoland Discovery Center Toronto

Legoland Discovery Center Toronto Discount Ticket Guide: Learn About Admissions Options & Attractions

Are you trying to find an inexpensive family entertainment center or park to take your kids in or around the Vaughan area? While amusement park admission can be quite pricey, Legoland Discovery Center Toronto is the exception to the rule. Discount tickets are lower than what you might expect, and you may be able to find more deals and promo codes online.

There are quite a few areas to explore, and attractions that are designed to appeal to children of different ages. You can view the entire city of Toronto built out of Lego blocks, let your younger kids pretend to be firemen at the Fire Academy, go on rides with fun themes, and more.

Keep in mind that visitors can only benefit from online Legoland discounted tickets if they purchase at least one full day in advance. The price will ultimately be determined based on your time of entry and visit date. In addition to the online discount, you might want to check into promo codes to see if they can help you save more.

It’s not a good idea to wait until you get to the door to buy tickets, as you will have to do reserve the next available timeslot. You’ll also be paying more money. Walk-up tickets can always sell out as well during peak times and weekends.

The Single Visit Tickets are ideal if you haven’t been yet and only want to check it out, or don’t think you’ll be able to visit more than once this year. With the exception of the monthly Adult Night, adults must be accompanied with a child 17 and under before they can be let in.

Other Types of Tickets for Legoland Discovery Center Toronto

The Flexi Ticket, while only good for a single visit, comes with priority entry and unlimited access to every attraction. This ticket is good for 365 days from the date of the initial purchase. It costs a bit more than the regular Single Visit Ticket, but it offers more flexibility with your visit.

There are a few options for annual passes as well, including a family annual pass, which allows for unlimited visits to the Toronto Discovery Center for up to four people. Each member assigned to the account will receive a personalized card. You can also just buy an Individual Annual Pass for yourself or for one child.

Now that you know a bit about Legoland Discovery Center Toronto discount tickets, you can get started with your planning. Whether you want to Lego-cars or earthquake-proof towers with your kids, hop on the Kingdom Quest Laser Ride, watch a 4D movie, etc., there is plenty to experience at this indoor park.

Legoland is usually great when it comes to special offers and coupons. Choose which Legoland Discovery Center Toronto discount ticket would be right for you and take advantage of any promo code you come across. It’s a fun, enjoyable playground, and everyone should visit it at least once!

Legoland Discovery Center Dallas/Fort Worth

Legoland Discovery Center Dallas Tickets Guide & Overview of the Attractions

Step inside a giant carton of Lego blocks by visiting Legoland Discovery Center Dallas. Tickets, coupons, and promo codes are offered regularly online, so it’s best to book your trip in advance. This is a very popular park located right inside the Grapevine Mills Mall. A limited number of visitors are allowed in at any given time, due to the popularity of the Center with its family-friendly attractions. If you wait to buy tickets at the door, you might have to wait until the next available time slot. Ordering online at least a week prior to your visit is very beneficial.

An average visit lasts around 2 – 3 hours, although guests are welcome to stay longer. If you get hungry, there’s a nice little café offering food and drinks.

At Legoland Discovery Center Dallas, you will find attractions such as:

• Pirate Beach
• 4D Cinema playing A New Adventure with 4D effects
• Kingdom Quest Laser Ride
• DUPLO Village
• Lego Factory Tour
• Merlin’s Apprentice Ride
• Star Wars Miniland Model Display
• Lego City: Forest Ranger Pursuit
• Play Zone & Fire Academy
• Lego Racers: Build and Test

There are 15 different attractions for your family to check out. These are all included in the regular admission price, whether you have a single ticket or annual pass.

Special birthday rooms are available if you’re looking for a fun place to throw a kid’s birthday party. The party rooms must be booked online in advance.

Ordering Your Legoland Discovery Center Dallas Tickets

Since there will likely be a waiting line, it’s in your best interest to reserve your tickets online before you go. The Dallas/Fort Worth area is vast, and this is a popular facility that attracts entire families.

In addition to admission, there are also offers on special events such as Adult Night (last Monday of every month at the Dallas Center) and Toddler Tuesday.

If Legos aren’t enough, there is also the nearby Sea Life, which is also a Merlin Entertainment park. You can buy a combo ticket for both parks online at a discount price.

When getting a Legoland Discovery Center Dallas discount ticket from the website, you will enter the “I Have Tickets” line at the facility in Grapevine Mills Mall. During peak times, there may be a host present to assist guests in this line. You must have your confirmation available so that the host will direct you right into the first attraction. From there, the experience is self-guided. Go wherever your kids take you!

Who knew you could have so much fun at indoor park? There are plenty of creative, unique attractions & rides to check out at a low price, and all you have to do is check out Legoland Discovery Center Dallas coupons and discount tickets online.

Legoland Discovery Center Westchester

Legoland Discovery Center Westchester Review: A 4D Cinema Experience, Lego Car Racing, NYC Lego Display, & More!

If you want to take your kids to some place fun, just head to Legoland, the massive indoor play structure in Yonkers at Ridge Hill. This family attraction offers a lot of indoor fun, including interactive stations, games, rides, and fascinating exhibits. Legoland Discovery Center Westchester is getting rave reviews from parents in NY, who enjoy seeing their kids playing with the infamous color bricks and watching 4D movies.

Don’t think it’s just a place where you pay to play with Lego bricks – the park is much more than that. It provides a lot of interactive experiences for the entire family, including carnival style rides with laser guns. The adventure begins online, where you must order your tickets in advance. Waiting until you actually get to the entrance to buy tickets isn’t recommended, since it’s a reservation system. The only way you’ll be guaranteed entry in a timely manner is if you already have tickets.

On your way into the lobby, you might want to stop and pose for a photograph at the Lego Man shaped doorway.

The 4D Cinema attraction is pretty neat. You don’t simply watch the movie, you actually experience it. It combines a 3D Film with physical special effects that occur in the theater in sync with the film. Let your kids watch their favorite Lego characters come to life with 4D effects such as water, wind, fog, etc.

More Attractions at Legoland Discovery Center Westchester

At the Build & Test area, kids have the chance to build a car out of toy bricks and then test them out on a digitally timed track. Anything goes with the design; the cars can be modified any which way your child wants. This area of the park offers some competitive fun. Each race lasts for approximately 10 seconds.

The Miniland NYC exhibit took 20 Lego masters around six months to build. It’s a replica of the entire city, including all of the landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Grand Central, Rockefeller Center, Ellis Island, and more. There are many impressive little details such as a Lego billboard in Times Square and a news van around Rockefeller Center. The display actually transitions between night and day with neat light effects. How many landmarks will your kids recognize?

There are so many things to watch and experience, that it would be a shame to miss out on a chance to visit Legoland Discovery Center Westchester. Tickets and passes are affordable and available online.

When was the last time you went on rides and experienced a lot of family fun indoors? This Lego-themed playground is not only fun to visit, it’s also affordable – just get some Legoland Discovery Center Westchester discount tickets for you and your family.

Legoland Discovery Center Chicago

Legoland Discovery Center Chicago Tickets: What Kind of Deals & Attractions Does the Park Offer?

Getting bored with all of the outdoor amusement parks with the same kind of rides and restaurants? Why not try something different, like Legoland Discovery Center Chicago? Tickets are inexpensive; even annual passes are cheaper than you might think. This facility features numerous attractions made out of Lego bricks. Your kids are missing out on a lot of fun if you haven’t been yet. Located next to the Woodfield Mall at Streets of Woolfield.

In addition to family package deals, there are also great offers for groups, school field trips, scouts workshops, outreach programs, and more. Special birthday rooms are available if you want to throw a fun party for your child’s special day.

What does Legoland Discovery Center have to offer?

Since the very first Lego brick was first invented and patented in 1958, the franchise was born. Children and adults of all ages have enjoyed playing with the bricks ever since. Now, there are actual theme parks located indoors, featuring attractions built out of millions of bricks.

The Chicago Center is a family-oriented area with enough attractions to keep your family busy for a few hours. However, if you want to spend the night, there is an Overnight Adventure package that includes access to all of the rides and movies, hot breakfast, pizza party, and more.

Attractions include the Miniland replica of Chicago, the Kingdom Quest ride, Lego Fire Academy, Factory Tour, and more.

Ordering Legoland Discovery Center Chicago Discount Tickets

As with any event these days, the best to order tickets is online. Since this is a popular park and Chicago is a huge city, there will be people wanting in all the time. There is a limit to the number of people who can be inside at once, so you must order tickets online in advance.

Not only are the tickets inexpensive, the company regularly offers discounts and promo codes that can be used exclusively online.

For admissions, you have a variety of options:

• Flexible Admission
• Saver Admission
• Annual Pass (unlimited entry into the Chicago park for a full year)
• Extra Value Package (Includes a collectable)
• Group Package (when you need ten or more tickets)
• Birthday party deals

There is also the Merlin Annual Pass which offers a year of unlimited admission to multiple parks and attractions across the country.

Whether you only plan to visit for one day or hope to return multiple times over the course of the year, you should first check to see what kind of promotional offers are available before ordering your Legoland Discovery Center Chicago tickets. If your family doesn’t live in Chicago, you might want to check into Legoland’s hotel partner deals.

If you don’t order your Legoland Discovery Center Chicago discount tickets online, you might not be able to get in! The price for an online ticket is also cheaper than the walk-up ticket price. There are always some Legoland coupons and promo codes online as well.

Legoland Discovery Center Michigan

Legoland Discovery Center Michigan Review of the Attractions, Exhibits, Minifigure Trading, and 4D Experience at This New Park

The next time you’re in Auburn Hills, MI, head to the Great Lakes Crossing Outlets where the new Legoland Discovery Center Michigan has just opened its doors. The sate joints an international craze as its very first Lego-style indoor playground makes its debut. It features a lot of rides and exhibits in a 32,000 square ft setting, and sees many guests, young and old alike, everyday. Tickets are offered at a discount price for online shoppers. It’s best to order your etickets ahead of time so that you can get through the doors.

While ideal for kids aged three to ten years, there is something for everyone at this family-friendly indoor park. In addition to a couple of carnival-style rides (Merlin’s Apprentice and Kingdom Quest Laser Ride), there are exhibits and attractions like Earthquake Tables, DUPLO Farm, Olivia’s House, 4D Cinema, and Miniland.

Minifigure Trading

This feature of the Center allows guests to find new Lego Minifigures to add to their collection. If you or your kids collect Minifigures and want to trade some in, just bring them to the facility and look around to see if there are any other Minifigures you want. If you want something specific but don’t see, it just ask a staff member if they know where you can find it.

Olivia’s House

This part of the park is for girls only. While boys are hanging around the tracks at Lego Racers: Build & Test, girls can sit back and relax at this life-size pink, white, and purple play area. Features include a longue, karaoke, Lego Friends movies, a kitchen that allows girls to make cupcakes and other creations, as well as a garden for planting veggies and flowers.

Lego Racers: Build & Test

Kids can build racecars out of Lego blocks and challenge Bone Cruncher, Star Striker, Nitro Predator, etc… on the track. The speed and time are recorded, and young visitors can try to modify their vehicles to make them go faster.

Other Attractions

The “Miniland” Exhibit is a 50-scale model of Detroit and its landmarks, made entirely out of Legos. Landmarks such as Bells Isle, GM Renaissance Center, Comerica park, and many others are part of the display.

The 4D Cinema is definitely worth a mention in a Legoland Discovery Center Michigan review. This part of the park offers a neat experience for the whole family. The 3D films like Spell Breaker are shown with an extra dimension. Special effects include lightning, rain, snow, and even stars. Just head to the Great Lakes Crossing Outlets to check it out!

If this Legoland Discovery Center Michigan review has you excited about visiting the park, all you have to do is order tickets online at a discount price. Head there at your reserved time and spend a few hours enjoying all of the attractions! You might also find some Legoland coupons to help you save even more.

Legoland Discovery Center Arizona

Legoland Discovery Center Arizona Tickets – Be Sure to Book Your Visit to This Intriguing Park Online

Due to high demand, walk-up tickets to the Legoland Discovery Center Arizona facility are not always available. For this reason, you should pre-book the tickets online to ensure that you will be allowed in. This is especially something you would want to do during weekends and peak periods. Pre-booking online is also beneficial thanks to all of the discount offers available.

About Legoland Discovery Center

The recently opened 40,000-square foot facility in the Arizona Mills Mall features many attractions built entirely out of Lego bricks. Attractions include everything from fun rides to an interactive area where visitors can learn how the bricks are made. One of the main attractions is Miniland, a LEGO version of the city of Phoenix and surrounding landmarks, built out of 1.5 million bricks. The landmarks and buildings include Tempe Beach Park, Old Town Scottsdale, Wrigley Manson, US Bank Center, and more.

This is a family-oriented indoor park. Adults must have children with them, and children must be supervised at all times. However, adult nights are regularly hosted for grownups who want to enjoy Legoland without kids. Adult night is held from 7 – 9 PM on the second Thursday of every month.

Visits are not guided, as families are encouraged to interact together while exploring the park. A typical visit takes two or three hours, although guests are allowed to stay for the entire day.

About Legoland Discovery Center Arizona Tickets

Children under 3 get in for free. Ages three and up, as well as adults, must pay for a ticket. Once again, admission is available online. It’s best to order the tickets as well in advance as possible. The number of visitors allowed into the Center at one time is limited.

Another option is the annual pass, which is low-cost compared to annual passes of other big name amusement parks. It allows you to enjoy a full year of unlimited entry to Legoland Discovery Center. If you ever lose the annual pass, reprints are available in-person at the facility for a small fee. You can choose between individual annual passes and family annual passes.

If you don’t think two or three hours will be enough, you might be interested in the combo ticket, which includes admission to the Sea Life Aquarium, also located in Arizona Mills.

Two attractions still aren’t enough? The company offers the Merlin annual pass for twelve months of unlimited visits to more than 25 attractions across the country, and includes a bundle of perks.

No matter when you want to visit, always check and see if there are any Legoland Discovery Center Arizona tickets online.

There is fun to be had at Legoland, no matter how old you are. Whether you want to enjoy adult night or spend a few hours checking out exhibits with your family, be on the lookout for Legoland Discovery Center Arizona discount tickets and promo codes.

Legoland Discovery Center Kansas City

Legoland Discovery Center Kansas City Review: Rides, Build & Test Area, KC Miniland Display, & More

If your family is looking for a neat place to visit in the coming months, there is always the Legoland Discovery Center Kansas City at Crown Center. The park has been getting positive reviews and feedback from parents, as it provides a unique experience to kids of all ages. Parents can have fun too – especially during Adult Night, which is held once a month.

Tickets should be ordered online before your visit. The Center is open every day of the week, with the last admission at 6 PM from Sunday – Thursday, and 7 PM on Friday and Saturday. The facility remains open for a couple of hours after the last admission to give all the guests time to explore the exhibits and rides.

What kind of rides can you expect at Legoland, anyway? The most popular is the Kingdom Quest Laser Ride, which allows guests to get onboard a “chariot” and use laser guns to zap horrible trolls and spiders as they pop up around each corner. You get points for every monster you zap. There is also a Princess that needs to be saved.

The Merlin’s Apprentice ride gives kids the chance to be wizarding apprentices as they pedal their bikes as fast as they can to help create a magic potion. The “flying” mechanism is affected by how quickly the riders can keep their feet pedaling. This is a fun spinning ride that is enjoyed by younger children.

Legoland Discovery Center Kansas City: Racing and Miniland

At the Lego Racers: Build & Test area, there are ramps and raceways for Lego-built racing cars to drive on. Kids can compete against each other to see who can build the fastest racecar. At Earthquake Tables, older kids can build tall towers out of bricks and test whether or not they’ll be able to withstand earthquakes.

Can you imagine an entire city built out of Lego bricks? That’s exactly what the MINILAND exhibit is. It’s a miniature replica of Kansas City and its skyline. The downtown area is depicted, as well as Union Station, the Arrowhead and Kaufman stadiums, Sprint Center, etc. There is an entire area of the Miniland display dedicated to Munchkin Land from Wizard of Oz.

While geared towards children, there are plenty of things at the park that interest parents as well. Being surrounded by Lego blocks will make you feel nostalgic about your own childhood. If plastic toys at Legoland Discovery Center Kansas City aren’t enough, just head next door to Sea Life Aquarium. You can order combo tickets online that will provide you with admission for both facilities.

If this Legoland Discovery Center Kansas City review has you excited about going, you need to start making plans ASAP. It’s best that you order your Legoland discount tickets online, where you will have access to coupons and promotional offers.