Aquatica San Antonio Annual Pass

Aquatica San Antonio Annual Pass Benefits, Options, Deals, and Fun Things to do During Your Visits

It’s pretty easy to plan a trip to Aquatica San Antonio. First of all, it’s located right next to SeaWorld and is usually include in SeaWorld passes. However, it’s still separated and gated, so you’ll need to make sure that access to Aquatica is included with your SeaWorld ticket. If you don’t have any tickets or passes yet, you might be interested in an Aquatica San Antonio annual pass. These tickets will allow you to visit as many times as you want over the season.

Get passes to one park or both; SeaWorld isn’t for everybody, but Aquatica offers a variety of ways to cool down and enjoy your day. There is no shortage of crazy slides for those looking for fun, like Hooroo Run. There are inviting pools with shallow water, cool waterfalls, and more for those who want to relax. Loggerhead Lane is a lazy river, and Big Surf Shores is a huge wave pool with over 400,000 gallons of water! Swells can get as high as 5 feet.

Suppose you ever want to bring friends and relatives along. In that case, one of the benefits of Aquatica San Antonio annual pass holders is free tickets. How many complimentary tickets you receive depends on your membership level. The higher your level, the more benefits you get. Get a 10% or higher discount on in-park offerings as well. Children under three are always allowed to enter for free without the need for any ticket or reservation.

Aquatica San Antonio Annual Pass Discounts and Coupons

Get discounts on Quick Queue with Silver, Gold, and Platinum annual pass memberships. This bonus benefits those who want front-of-the-line access to attractions for which there tend to be long lines, like the slides.

ALL Aquatica San Antonio annual pass owners get to attend exclusive events held throughout the year, such as Halloween Summer Festivals, Christmas, etc. Additionally, yearly pass owners will get exclusive Discovery Cove savings.

As for the in-park discounts, there are neat little shops like Kiwi Traders and Adaptations. Grab a meal or eat snacks throughout the day with the (optional) all-day dining add-on. The Waterstone Grill offers specialty wraps, kids’ meals, cheeseburgers, salads, pizzas, and plenty of desserts. At Mango Market, you’ll find anything you could want for lunch, from hotdogs to sandwiches.

Think about how often you’ll be able to go, and which membership perks will be essential, and which ones you can do without. Keep all of this information in mind when going over the Aquatica San Antonio annual pass membership levels and comparing the prices.

Aquatica San Antonio Tickets

Aquatica San Antonio Tickets Guide: All About Tickets, Passes, Reservations, & Attractions to Check Out

Are you looking for a fun water park to stay cool in the hot Texas sun? Get the Premium Annual Pass if you want to visit as often as you like, receive all of the benefits, or stick with a single-date ticket if you only plan to visit once this season. There is also the option to purchase SeaWorld + Aquatica San Antonio tickets for multi-park passes. You’ll want to get those tickets since guests have to park at the main parking lot for SeaWorld anyway.

The water park is open from 10 am – 6 pm on Sun – Fri and from 10 am – 8 pm on Saturdays. The current season will last well until October. There is still enough time to make regular visits. Look over the calendar on the park’s website to see the blackout dates. If you’re interested in SeaWorld, look over their calendar as well and try to plan your trip(s) accordingly.

Money-wise, it is worth getting something more than just a single-day ticket. You’ll get more value if you choose a ticket + all-day dining ticket or 2-day – 2-park passes. The annual pass comes with various tiers. The higher up you go through the tiers, the more benefits you get, including free tickets you can share with friends.

Whichever of the Aquatica San Antonio tickets or passes you choose, you’ll find plenty to do, from lounging and relaxing in a lazy river to going down crazy slides. There are fun water attractions for visitors of all ages. Families with toddlers can head to Slippity Dippity, a fun area for the tiniest visitors, filled with safe, small slides and other water play elements.

Aquatica San Antonio Tickets for Stingray Falls

At Stingray Falls, one of the main attractions, there are 4-seat raft rides that take a lot of twists and turns, including a visit to an underwater area where you’ll get to see stingrays and bright tropical fish. You can also book an educational encounter with the Cownose stingrays. Check-in at the Ke-Ke Reef Feeder Booth at least 15 minutes before the scheduled encounter.

During the 2021 season, it is required that all guests, regardless of what kinds of Aquatica San Antonio tickets they have, reserve their visits. Reservations need to be made for each guest each day, which can be done on the park’s website. Reservation rescheduling is permitted for that person, but transfers are not allowed. You can’t transfer your reservation to anyone else.

No matter what kind of ticket or pass you want, and when you want to go, you should keep an eye on SeaWorld and Aquatica promo codes, coupons, discounts, etc., that can help you save on anything from admission to food and parking. Aquatica San Antonio tickets coupons and various discounts can go a long way in reducing the costs of your trip.