Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Discount Tickets Will Help You to Save on Exciting Water Rides

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Arlington, Texas is one of the most exciting water parks in the world. Its rides feature over 3 million gallons of water, an interactive playground for kids, wave pool, lazy river, amazing slides, and more. The park sits on 47 acres, and is near Six Flags Over Texas.

So, what type of water slides can you expect at this park? There are quite a few, actually, including the Black Hole, Geronimo, the Sea Wolf, and the Tornado. The Tornado is one of the newest attractions, and it will take you down an enclosed slide into a hug funnel 132 feet below! The Geronimo is six stories, and will send you all the way down in a freefall drop slide.

There are plenty of great attractions that kids will love too, including Hook’s Lagoon. This structure is five levels high and occupies over 40,000 square feet. It consists of a pirate ship, lagoons, slides, net ladders, and even water cannons for kids to have a blast with! Also, every few minutes a giant bucket will dump over 1,000 gallons of water over everyone standing below.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Family Rides

There is something for everyone, and you can bring your entire family along for a very cheap price if you order Six Flags Hurricane Harbor discount tickets online. if you’re in or near Arlington, then you should consider getting season passes, since the park is so huge. It’ll take more than just one or even two visits to see and experience everything.

Whether you want to go on an exciting ride like the Tornado, relax in a lazy river, or both, you will have an unforgettable time at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. Discount tickets will make your visit very affordable, and the money you save from the tickets can be used on souvenirs and other miscellaneous expenses!

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor discount tickets are available for when you need them. Be sure to check out all the latest deals so that you can get an idea about all the money you can save. You can even save great amount of dollars if you want to order Six Flags Hurricane Harbor discount tickets for your entire family!

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Six Flags St. Louis Discount Tickets For the Amusement Park, Water Park, Dining, & More!

Six Flags St. Louis has a nice collection of rides and attractions, including the award winning wooden coaster, Batman The Ride. The park is now opening up for the 2010 season, and discount tickets are going on sale. Also included in the ticket price is a visit to the adjacent water park, Hurricane Harbor. In other words, a Six Flags St. Louis discount ticket is for admission to two parks!

Both parks offer something for everyone. Grandparents, parents, and kids alike will be able to enjoy themselves. Those who plan on going for multiple visits should get a season pass so that they can receive hundreds of dollars worth of savings! A season pass only costs $59.99, which isn’t much more than a regular, single visit ticket. Season passholders receive a value book filled with free tickets for friends and coupons!

More than one trip is needed to experience everything that the amusement park and water park have to offer. As mentioned above, Batman: The Ride is a very popular wooden coaster. Riders are taken through zero-gravity rolls and loops in ski-lift style seats. They are taken through Gotham City at 50 mph. The ride lasts for two minutes and is over ten stories tall. Other popular rides include Tony Hawk’s Big Spin, Superman: Tower of Power, Ninja, Mr. Freeze, and more!

There’s a lot of fun at Bugs Bunny National Park as well. This area of Six Flags St. Louis is exclusively for kids, with rides such as Daffy Duck’ Swing, Bugs Bunny Ranger Pilots, Elmer Fudd’s Weather Balloons, Foghorn Leghorn National Park Railway, Marvin the Martian Camp Invasion, and more. Kids can also meet their favorite superheroes and super-villains at DC Comics Plaza.

Six Flags St. Louis Parades and Water Park

Parades and shows are held just about every day at this park. There are also Looney Tunes and Justice League meet and greets held regularly. A schedule for upcoming shows and appearances is available at the park’s website. Kids can get their pictures taken with their favorite cartoon and comic book characters!

The water park has plenty of fun rides and slides as well. It’s located on 12 acres, and contains more than 500,000 gallons of water! Adults and kids of all ages can go swimming, rafting, floating, etc. There are some really exciting slides as well, such as the speed slides and tornado. The tornado is more than 7 stories tall and features a 132 foot long funnel with 5,000 gallons of water through which guests can slide on their way to the pool!

Obviously, both the amusement and water parks offer a lot of fun. There are plenty of shops and restaurants where families can eat in between adventures. Season passholders will receive hundreds of dollars worth of Six Flags St. Louis coupons to help them save on miscellaneous purchases, such as gifts and drinks!

Six Flags St. Louis discount tickets are a lot cheaper online than they are at the gates. You will find many options if you shop online, including Six Flags St. Louis coupons. If you plan on spending a lot of time at the amusement and/or water park this season, you need to learn how to save money on each trip!

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Make Sure You Get Six Flags Great America Discount Tickets Before They Sell Out This Summer!

Six Flags Great America, which is located north of Chicago, is considered to be one of the top ten amusement parks in North America. If you want to take your kids to a great theme park this summer, then this should be near the top of your list. You could also go yourself if you want, as there is plenty to do and see. You’ll make great friends with other thrill seekers!

As far as variety goes, Six Flags Great America has it all: roller coasters, kid-friendly rides, wet rides, and more. There are also plenty of shows and action-packed events that attract people of all ages. The internet is filled with Six Flags Great America coupons and deals. Even if you want to bring your entire family along, you will find enough bargains to ensure that your family experiences everything that this amusement park has to offer!

Moderate Rides at Six Flags Great America

There are mild rides, moderate rides, and maximum thrill rides. If you want to go extreme, you need to check out the Raging Bull. This super mega-coaster features a drop of 208 feet, a top speed of 73 mph, and lasts for an astonishing 2:30 minutes. Its angle of descent is approximately 65 degrees, and its length stretches for over 5,000 feet! Needless, to say, the Raging Bull really is one “raging” ride!

There are also plenty of family rides if you want to spend some fun time with your kids. Keep in mind that this amusement park gets extremely busy during summertime, so make sure you get your Six Flags Great America coupons ready RIGHT NOW! You can order your tickets online, where you will find great deals that are not available anywhere else.

If these rides sound enticing to you, then go ahead and look over Six Flags Great America discount tickets and coupons. You can slash even the adult prices down a great deal if you order online!

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Six Flags Fiesta Texas Discount Tickets For 2010 – Learn How to Save Both Money and Time This Year!

There is a lot to do at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Located in San Antonio, this park has around 40 major rides, attractions, and games for guests of all ages. If you go this summer, you will be able to access the water rides and pools at White Water Bay. You need to get a seasonal pass so that you can return for multiple visits throughout 2010. The cheapest price for Six Flags Fiesta Texas discount tickets is online. Plus, if you order in advance, you won’t have to stand around in the hot sun waiting to get in all morning.

You have dozens of rides to choose from, ranging from “mild” to “max”. Most of them have height requirements, so if you bring small kids, they won’t be able to go on every ride. Some exciting rides for adults and older kids include Scream, Goliath, Superman: Krypton Coaster, and Poltergeist. There are some exciting rides at White Water Bay, which will open in May.

For the time being, you can check out a ride such as Poltergeist. It has an advanced launching system that propels riders from 0 to 60 mph in under 3.5 seconds. This ride is nearly 8 stories high, and you will be hurled around through loops, twists, and turns via breakthrough launch technology. The only downside is that this ride is only one minute and fifteen seconds, so it’ll be over before you know it!

Six Flags Fiesta Texas Offers for Kids

As for smaller kids, Six Flags Fiesta Texas offers 25 special rides. There is a printable map available at the park’s website, so you and your little ones can easily find the rides. Wiggles World and Crackaxle Canyon. Foghorn Leghorn’s Barnyard Railway is a fun ride at Crackaxle Canyon, and S.S. Feathersword Play Ship is a great choice at Wiggles World.

The great thing about order Six Flags Fiesta Texas discount tickets online is that you will be able to save time at the park. You can also reserve a spot in line for the rides ahead of time! Check out the flash pass options. You can virtually reserve your place in line online when you order tickets. There are a limited amount of flash passes available for each day, so be sure to order them as soon as you can.

You will have more time for shopping and dining if you don’t have to wait around in line all day! There are plenty of neat shops, like Casa De Looney Tunes, Candy Storm, Wiggles Shop, R.P. Bloomstead’s, and more. Needless to say, Fiesta Texas has something for everybody.

You can have a lot of fun this season and save money in the process with Six Flags Fiesta Texas discount tickets. You especially need to check out seasonal passes if you are planning at least two visits. These passes pay for themselves within just three! You can also get a bunch of Six Flags Fiesta Texas coupons if you choose the 2010 seasonal pass!

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Six Flags Great Adventure Coupons Can Help You Save on the Kingda Ka Ride!

Six Flags Great Adventure is located in Jackson, NJ, and is about halfway in between New York City and Philadelphia. The Great Adventure theme park was purchased by Six Flags in the late ’70s, making it the 6th park in the popular chain. Over the years, some great coasters have been removed, yet other fun rides have replaced them.

One great, newer ride is Kingda Ka, which is an accelerator manufactured by Intamin. It’s around 455 feet in height and over 3,000 in length. Its speed is 128 mph and the launch time is only 3.5 seconds.! Kingda Ka is considered to be one of the world’s tallest coasters, as it shoots riders straight up a 455 foot tower! Unfortunately, as exciting as it sounds, not everyone is impressed with Kingda Ka. It seems to be extremely exciting for those who aren’t used to roller coaster rides, but not so for coaster enthusiasts.

If you want to check it out for yourself then you need to print out some Six Flags Great Adventure coupons. You can find them online, and they can be used for all the usual theme park expenses. If you want to take your kids, the coupons and discounts can really come in handy. You can take your kids on fun rides, play guessing games and carnival games with them, go on a tour in a haunted house, and so forth.

Six Flags Great Adventure Low-Cost Tickets

Needless to say, there’s a whole lot of fun and excitement at Six Flags Great Adventure. Coupons can be used to make it an affordable family outing. You can order your tickets online for cheap prizes as well. Kids under 12 are usually allowed in at discounted prices, and you can sometimes get similar discounts on adult tickets through Six Flags Great Adventure’s website.

You can save a lot of money and have an exciting time with you family by using Six Flags Great Adventure coupons. Think of all the fun rides and games you and your kids can experience! You can save money in the process with Six Flags Great Adventure coupons.

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Six Flags New England Discount Tickets – What Are Your Options For the New Season?

Six Flags New England is now open for a new season. Located in Springfield, Mass., this park offers plenty of fun for the entire family. If you are planning on going this year, make sure you get a discount ticket or seasonal pass on the internet. Online ticket prices are much cheaper than they are at the park itself. Plus, if you order 2010 passes, you will receive tons of discounts and freebies that can be used throughout the season!

With your Six Flags New England coupons, you can get the best out of your visit without having to spend very much money. Furthermore, with every visit, you will receive even more discounts through email! Whether you want to take your family or go with a group of friends, you will find ways to save. With season passes, you will be able to visit any Six Flags park you want for the entire year.

The park is divided up into several themed areas, each with its own unique rides and shows. One popular area of the park, DC Superheroes Adventure, has all kinds of superhero themed rides and attractions. They include Superman: Ride of Steel, Joker’s Wildcard, Catwoman’s Whip, and The Blitz. Another ride, Bizarro, is also found at this area of Six Flags New England.

Formerly known as Superman: Ride of Steel, Bizarro was voted the #1 steel coaster last year by Amusement Today. You will fly at 77 mph through twists, turns, and high banks. You’ll be surrounded by fiery and fog special effects timed flawlessly with sound effects. This ride lasts for 3 and a half minutes and is over 20 stories high. If you want excitement, then this is the ride you must go on!

Kids’ Attractions in Six Flags New England

Obviously, a ride such as this has a minimum height requirement, so if you take any small kids with you, you need to visit other areas of the park, such as Thomas Town, Wiggles World, and Looney Tunes Movie Town. There are fun rides and tours at these sections just for kids. One of the most popular rides is Thomas the Tank Engine. He goes all around the Island of Sodar and kids and parents both can take the journey!

In addition to all the excitement, there are some neat shops at this park. Located conveniently in every single section are restaurants and gift shops. You can print off Six Flags New England coupons from the internet to help you save on snacks, drinks, and miscellaneous expenses.

Six Flags New England discounts will make your visit(s) this season a lot cheaper. You can also print out coupons to use for saving while you’re there. Learn more about season passes, Six Flags discount tickets, and printable coupons. The smartest thing you can do is plan your visits ahead of time.

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Six Flags America Discount Tickets and Seasonal Passes – What Are Your Options For the 2010 Season?

Six Flags America, located in the DC/Baltimore area, has just opened for the 2010 season. This park has more than 100 fun rides, attractions, shows, and games. It also has a water park which is opened during summer months featuring tons of exciting slides, rides, splashes, and more. Since there is so much to do and see, multiple visits are required. You won’t be able to experience everything during just one visit.

With that said, you can order Six Flags America discount tickets on the internet. They are a lot cheaper online than at the park’s front gate. However, if you want to return for more visits in the future, you need to go with a season pass, which is currently on sale for $49.99. This is the average price for a regular ONE day ticket, except you can return as often as you want!

There are many benefits of seasonal passes. You will receive tons of incentives, including hundreds of dollars worth of coupons and vouchers. You may even receive some extra free one-day tickets for family and friends! These offers might not last for the entire season, so you should get them while they are still available.

The reason why you will want to return for more visits is because there is simply too much to do! There are fun rides such as Tower of Doom, Mind Eraser, The Joker’s Jinx, and Superman. The Superman hypercoaster ride is especially exciting, as it goes up to 75 mph as it drops down from 200 feet. The cars on this coaster elevated seats and low sides. The cars are designed to give you an “exposed” feeling for a scary experience!

Other Areas of Six Flags America

The park is divided up in several sections. In addition to the water park, there is also Looney Tunes Movie Town and Thomas Town for kids. There is Gotham City with its Batman theme. Coyote Creek, Southwest Territory, Skull Island, and Olde Boston are other places to visit. Just download and print out a map of the park from the official website.

There are plenty of kids rides, such as Bertie the Bus, Harold the Helicopter, and Sodor Carnival Ferris Wheel, all of which can be found at Thomas Town. Also, with Six Flags America coupons, you can save on shopping. There are some neat stores to check out all around the park, such as Daily Planet Gifts, Gotham Tattoos, and Six Flags Photos. The park offers free storage for your purchases so that you won’t have to carry them around with you. You can pick them up at the end of the day.

Six Flags America discount tickets are for adults as well as kids. You just need to order online to get special deals. Learn about all your options and find out about all the available Six Flags America discounts and coupons. Financing a family vacation has never been easier!

X2 Six Flags Magic Mountain

What You Need to Know About Six Flags Discount Tickets

An afternoon at Six Flags is a fun and exciting time for everyone. Whether you enjoy water slides, roller coasters, or other rides, you’ll find all you need for an enjoyable time at one of these amusement parks. There are several locations in fifteen states, including California, Texas, Georgia, New Jersey, etc, and you can take your family along to the closest one.

Don’t worry about costs. Yes, admissions can be expensive, but there are plenty of ways to obtain discounts. To begin with, your small children will be able to get in for nearly half off the regular price! Children two and younger can even get in for free. There are also other ways to get Six Flags discount tickets for adults.

Sometimes Pepsi, Mountain Dew, or Coke will have special promotions. Usually, during the summer months, the cans and bottles feature Six Flags coupons. You can take the can or bottle with you to the theme park in order to get a reduced ticket cost. You may also see fliers at your local stores and restaurants featuring coupons that can be used for Six Flags discounts.

Where to Look for Six Flags Discount Tickets?

Of course, the most obvious place to look is on the internet. There are printable coupons for just about everything on the World Wide Web these days, so it’s not surprising that you can get Six Flags discount tickets as well. You can print out the coupons yourself to take with you or order the tickets online. You can order them directly from the official site or from third party ticket sellers. Usually, the latter are able to sell at cheaper prices.

Whether you live close to a Six Flags amusement park or in another state, you can find all the discounts you need online. Order yourself and your family Six Flags discount tickets for a day of fun, excitement, thrills, and more!

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Six Flags St. Louis Discounts Will Help You Save on Your Visit! Learn About This Park and Its Rides

Even though the season has just started, there are tons of Six Flags St. Louis discounts available. If you’re going to be spending time in MO this year, this park is the place to be! It’s been around since the 70’s and has featured many great rides and attractions over the decades. This season really seems to be promising. The water park will be opening up in late May, and looks to be very promising as well.

You can find some great deals through the park’s website. It’s best to order your Six Flags St. Louis discount tickets online ahead of time. The best choice is the season pass, since it pays for itself after only two visits. Plus, it comes with $300 worth of incentives and freebies! It also comes with 5 free tickets that you can give to your friends or family.

The park is split up into different sections, so it’s easy to find your way around. This season, there is a new Six Flags Fun Finder app for iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s a free application that comes with interactive maps, friend finder, fun ideas, and so forth. You can also print out a map to take with you from the park’s site.

Superman’s Tower of Power, Ninja, The Boss, XCalibur, and Batman: The Ride are just a few examples of the many exciting rides available at the theme park. There are also some exhilarating slides and rides at Hurricane Harbor, which will be open later this month. Batman: The Ride is a pretty fun experience, as it travels on the outside of the track rather than inside the loops. You will be on a ski-lift type of coach with the floor dropping out from beneath your feet. The ride is 10 ½ stories tall, two minutes long, and goes up to speeds of 50 mph.

Six Flags St. Louis Kids’ Section

There are fun rides at Bugs Bunny National Park and DC Comics Plaza, two places with features that kids love. At Bugs Bunny National Park, they can meet with all the Looney Tunes characters and go on rides like the Elmer Fudd Weather Balloon and Leghorn Foghorn train. At DC Comics Plaza, they can meet with all their favorite superheroes and go on rides such as Shazam! and Log Fume.

Last but not least, there are tons of shops at the park. You can easily locate them with your Fun Finder app or map. There is food, drinks, gifts, shirts, accessories, etc, sold throughout the park. Once again, you need to consider getting a season pass, so that you will receive hundreds of dollars worth of Six Flags St. Louis coupons to help you save on just about anything!

You can find Six Flags St. Louis discounts and coupons online. It’s a good idea to make your reservations on the internet ahead of time so that you can get the most affordable prices possible. Also, you won’t have to stand around and wait at the entrance all day if you already have your Six Flags discount ticket!

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Six Flags America Discounts – Exclusive, Online Offers Will Help You Save on the 2010 Season!

You can get Six Flags America discounts online to help you save on tickets and miscellaneous expenses. The best deals are available on the internet, especially if you order in advance. One of the best discounts is the 2010 seasonal pass. It’s currently on sale for $49.99, and with it you can receive unlimited visits, five extra tickets for FREE, $300 in coupons on food, games, shopping and a whole lot more!

This park, located in the Baltimore/DC area, has just opened for the new season. There are many exciting rides and games for you to enjoy. You will need a season pass in order to experience everything, since there are just too many attractions and stores to visit in just one day. There are around 50 rides at the amusement park as well as some attractions at the nearby water park. Six Flags America is divided up into several areas, including Thomas Town, Olde Boston, Gotham City, Southwest Territory, etc. Each area has special attractions.

So, what about the rides? Which ones do you need to check out? Well, they are all rated in accordance to their excitement factor: Max, Moderate, and Mild. The Max rides include Superman: Ride of Steel, Joker’s Jinx, Skycoaster, The Mind Eraser, and Batwing. Batwing is a pretty unique ride, on which you will go soaring face-down through a 3,400 foot flight pattern at a top speed of 50 mph! For a minute and 50 seconds, you will really feel as if you are in flight!

Other Rides at Six Flags America

There are less thrilling rides at the park if you’re not into roller coasters. Also, if you bring small children with you, you won’t be able to take them on some of the aforementioned rides due to minimum height requirements. What you can do is visit Looney Tunes Movie Town and Thomas Town for fun kids rides and play areas. At Thomas Town, they can go for a ride on Thomas the Tank Engine! If that isn’t enough, there is also the Foghorn Leghorn Train at the Looney Tunes area.

There are plenty of shops located conveniently around the park. You should easily be able to find all the gifts and memorabilia that you want. With Six Flags America discounts, you will have extra shopping money! If you order a season pass, you will receive tons of coupons that can be redeemed during the 2010 season. You really need to nab all of the Six Flags America discounts you can get a hold of, so that you can enjoy this new season without having to spend too much money.

Exclusive Six Flags America discounts are available online, and can’t be found anywhere else! If you order discount tickets online, you will only have to pay the kid’s price – even for adult tickets! Of course, your best choice is to invest in a season pass. With it, you will receive tons of Six Flag America discounts that will save you hundreds of dollars!