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SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Tickets

SeaWorld is one of the most well-known aquatic park chains in the world. Its parks include dolphin shows, water rides, and many other great benefits. Take a look at the park list to get tickets to the park you need.

You can also find tickets for Busch Gardens and Aquatica, both are a part of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. SeaWorld San Antonio and SeaWorld San Diego discount tickets are both available here.

More park information can be found under the "Park Status" section. Click the "more park information" link for information about rides, ticket options, and more.

To make your tickets cheaper, look out for our ticket coupons or full ticket pricing. If your park doesn't have a good coupon, you can always check for discount tickets (including Fun Cards).

SeaWorld Park Status

SeaWorld parks are open mostly in the summer. However, sometimes several attractions may be closed or the park may be closed for an event. Keep an eye on the park status below to know when the park is open.

If you have a Fun Card, you can attend most events and closed days.
We highly recommend to purchase this card if you intend to go more
than once.

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Coupon Codes

Redeeming instructions: when you click on a coupon, the coupon code
is automatically copied (may not work in all browsers).
All you need to do is paste or type it on the "Promo Code" box on
the top right corner of the SeaWorld site

Notice: pay attention to the coupons' expiration date, the park they apply to, and other restrictions before using.

Fun Cards are the best way to save this season. Get them while their price is low!

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  • Everyone pays kids price - valid in all parks
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For each park, the price in bold is the best price.

Regular price: the price at the gate.

Online discount: the price when purchasing through the SeaWorld website (click on the park name to purchase these tickets).

Coupon - the price when using the best coupon available (click on the coupon code to redeem).

Fun Card - a ticket for unlimited visits during an entire season. Season passes for 2016 are now available (click on the park name to purchase). Season passes always provide the best value if you visit frequently. 2016 seaon passes are available in all parks!

Other SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Discounts

Even if your park does not have a coupon, you can find discounts here:

Tips for a Great Day at SeaWorld or Busch Gardens

  1. Get your tickets early. One of the worst experiences in these parks is waiting in line for tickets. Get your tickets online and save some precious time. Also, the tickets are always most expensive at the gate.

  2. Know where you're headed: make sure the park is open, and even more important, check the weather. Bad weather can mean closed rides and attractions and an overall bad experience. Try to go when it's sunny.

  3. If possible, avoid weekends and holidays. The best time to visit SeaWorld and Busch Gardens is during the work week (if possible). If you can, avoid the weekends. If not, try to be at the park early.

  4. Follow park rules and regulations. Usually these park have zero tolerance for breaking their rules, and they eject visitors without refunds. They're not very demanding, so don't try them.

  5. Use discounts and coupons. Admission to these parks isn't cheap, and it's always a good idea to check out discounts that will make the visit lighter on the wallet. Scroll up and find out where you can save.

If you have any comments (non-working coupons, new coupons you found, or any other comments), feel free to contact us at


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