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SeaWorld Orlando Review – A Look at Rides, Shark and Penguin Attractions, and Ticket Options for This Fun Park

SeaWorld Orlando is quickly becoming one of the top destinations in the country. It offers something for families, couples, singles, kids, and so forth. While Central Florida has always been notorious for other parks such as Disney and Universal Studios, SeaWorld is now starting to draw a lot of attention. People are discovering that it has something both educational and entertaining to visitors of all ages.

For starters, it offers an educational experience by giving people the chance to see sea animals up close. There are also animal educational programs available for those who are interested in learning about them and even interacting with them.

There are also fun, exciting rides to go on and live shows for visitors to watch throughout the day.

SeaWorld Orlando tickets can be ordered online. In fact, the internet is the best place to buy them. There are several options suitable for every type of visitor. All of the tickets and passes cost less when ordered online than when bought at the gate. There are fun passes available for visitors who plan on visiting the park at least two or three times this year, but don’t need the extra perks that the full annual passes come with.

SeaWorld Orlando Shops and Diners

Buying any ticket is well worth the price, as there are just so many interesting things to experience. One of the most exciting things to do is go on the Manta Ride. Riders get to glide high in the air at fast speeds in order to experience what it’s like to be a manta ray. During the ride, they will also get to see some views of the actual manta rays through a giant aquarium.

For those who want to see sharks and fish, there are the underwater viewing tunnels. The tunnels are accessible via a moving walkway. Visitors are safe and sound as they watch amazing predators and thousands of fish through glass.

One attraction that everyone should visit is the new Empire of the Penguins. This is the newest attraction and so far, it’s proving itself to be one of the best. It’s an artificial winter wonderland that gives penguins an icy home – even in the Florida sun. It’s a 6,000 foot habitat with a temperature of 30 degrees. More than 200 penguins live at the Empire.

In addition to rides and attractions, there is no shortage of shops and diners. SeaWorld Orlando is a large place that offers everything any tourist could ask for. It’s definitely one of the best places in the country to spend a day or two.

If you are interested in visiting this fun park, take a look at SeaWorld Orlando discounts. Order your tickets online before you go. Why spend a fortune on a vacation when you can simply spend a day or two at SeaWorld? There are so many fun things to do that you won’t get bored for a second.

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