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Six Flags Great Adventure Discount Tickets – Learn About the Best Offers For the 2010 Season

The new season of Six Flags Great Adventure has begun. Season passes and discount tickets are on sale on the internet at really cheap prices. You need to order tickets in advance if you plan on going any this season. The best deals are found online. If you want the season pass, the cost is currently $79.99, and with this price you will receive a special season passholder package consisting of free tickets for friends and hundreds of dollars worth of 2010 coupons! If you only plan on one visit this year, you can still save almost $20 on one regular ticket if you order online. At the park’s website, adult tickets are just as cheap as kids’ tickets!

This amusement park, located in New Jersey, has many rides and attractions. In fact, there is so much to experience that one visit isn’t nearly enough! The most thrilling rides include Kingda Ka, Nitro, El Tora, Batman: The Ride, Great American Scream Machine, The Dark Knight Coaster, Bizarro, Rolling Thunder, and Superman: Ultimate Flight. These are only a few examples of the dozens of fun rides at Six Flags Great Adventure!

Superman: Ultimate Flight is one you really need to check out. You will go up and away, just like Superman, and soar through twists and turns at 60 mph. You will climb up a really steep curve and then go down a 360 degree in-line roll. The entire time you will be lying face down – for about two and a half minutes! This is a rather unique ride for the northeast, and is rated highly by coaster enthusiasts.

Mild Rides at Six Flags Great Adventure

There are some moderate and mild rides as well – some of which are exclusively for kids. If you want to bring any kids with you, head for Wiggles World and Bugs Bunny National Park. Both of these areas are filled with kids’ rides and attractions. Also, this summer when the Wild Safari water park is open, you can take kids to Looney Tunes Seaport and Balin’s Jungleland for pools, slides, splashes, and more.

Want to go shopping? You will find plenty of shops located throughout the park. Just look online for some Six Flags Great Adventure coupons to see which ones will help you save on shops and food. The website offers a map of all the areas so that you will know where to find all the rides, restaurants, and shops. With stores such as Balin’s Bazaar, Justice League Headquarters, Jersey Shore Candy, Tiger’s Leap Market, and Wiggles World Shop, you will definitely want to do some shopping!

Check out these Six Flags Great Adventure discount tickets to find out how cheap your trip can be! You will want to consider getting a season pass so that you can visit all the Six Flags parks you want at no extra cost! You can save hundreds of dollars via Six Flags Great Adventure coupons if you take advantage of special online offers.

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