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Six Flags Great America features seven areas with different themes, including Mardi Gras, County Fair, Orleans Place, Hurricane Harbor, Southwest Territory, and more. This fun amusement park is located between Milwaukee and Chicago. It features numerous attractions and rides, including 12 roller coasters, flat rides, and slides at the neighboring Hurricane Harbor. Hurricane Harbor is also accessible with Six Flags Great America coupons and tickets.

Some of the fun rides include: American Eagle, Viper, Batman, Deja Vu, and Vertical Velocity. Perhaps the most exciting rides is the Raging Bull. This Bollinger & Mabillard hypercoaster has a twister like layout through hills and an underground tunnel. Riders are taken up a 20 story climb, from which they are dropped 208 feet at 65 degrees. The train also reaches speeds of 70+ mph when going through the underground tunnel. The Raging Bull is obviously a very exciting ride!

Six Flags Great America Offers

There is something for everyone at the seven themed areas of the park, and families can save a lot of money with Six Flags Great America coupons. Parents with small children can check out Wiggles World, Bugs Bunny National Park, and Camp Cartoon. Kids can ride on Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine or “fly” on red planes at Wiggles World. They can go round and round on the Flinestones’ Rocky Road Rescue Service.

There are rides, attractions, and events for kids and adults of all ages. Families can get the best that the amusement park has to offer by using Six Flags Great America coupons. They are available online, along with discounted tickets, and visitors can save a fortune on dining, drinks, and misc. expenses with them when visiting the park.

Whether you’re looking for splashes, hypercoasters, saloons, etc— you’ll be able to save with Six Flags Great America coupons. These coupons are available on the internet, and you can get them RIGHT NOW along with cheap tickets!

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