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Busch Gardens Discount Tickets – A Look at Your Options & an Overview of Each Park

With Busch Gardens discount tickets, you can enjoy a day or two at a fun park at a low price. There is so much to see and enjoy at both parks (one in Tampa, FL and one in Williamsburg, VA) that a one day visit really isn’t enough. If possible, you should either stay for more than one day, or plan on returning back for another visit or two this year.

There are quite a few ticket options available, ranging from single day tickets to annual passes. Thanks to online discount offers, you really don’t have to spend full price on any ticket or pass.

Here is a look at the options:

– Single day ticket – this is the ideal option for individuals who only have time to visit for one day this year. If you don’t live anywhere near Florida or Virginia, then this is probably the best option for you.

– Fun card – this is ideal for anyone who plans to return more than once for the remainder of the year. You can get a discount on a fun card so that you won’t be paying anymore than the price of a regular ticket, yet you can still return to Busch Gardens as many times as you want without having to pay any additional money.

– Child tickets – these are for children between the ages of three and nine, and are available at a price lower than that of a regular adult ticket.

– Combo tickets – these allow entry into not only Busch Gardens, but SeaWorld as well. Both park chains are owned by the same company. This is a good option if you live in Florida, or plan to spend time there, since SeaWorld is located in Orlando. The combo ticket for the Williamsburg, VA park also includes admission to Water Country USA, which is located just minutes away.

Busch Gardens Discount Tickets – And What They Get You

Now you have some ideas of what kind of tickets are available. If you book your trip online in advance, you will have access to better deals. You might even come across some additional discounts to help you save on the cost of meals and miscellaneous expenses.

Once you are at a Busch Gardens, you will have an almost limitless amount of activities to involve yourself in. The Williamsburg park has a European theme, with its Clydesdales, blackface sheep, wolves, and gorgeous gardens. The Tampa park has an African theme, and offers visitors the chance to go on a “safari” of sorts, where they will encounter lions, cheetahs, meerkats, and more.

Both parks also have their fair share of exciting rides. No matter what you want to do, or how long you plan to stay, you should be able to find Busch Gardens discount tickets to help you get started.

Learn more about Busch Gardens discount tickets and how to order them. You can evaluate each ticket offer and determine which ones will be right for you and your family. Also, check out some promo codes to help you get deals on additional expenses at both parks.