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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Discount Tickets – Learn Why a Seasonal Pass is Your Best Option!

You can discover a lot of fun and adventure at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Located in Northern California, this 135 acre park has everything from exciting roller coasters to tigers. The 2010 season begins in March, so you need to start thinking about tickets ASAP. There is going to be A LOT of excitement during spring break this year, and you don’t want to miss out on any of it!

Since a new exciting event is scheduled on just about every day this spring, you should consider getting a seasonal pass. There are some great Six Flags Discover Kingdom discounts available, and your best bet is to go with a seasonal pass so that you can return everyday if you want to. You will become a “Funatic member”, which means you can expect tons of rewards and freebies! The seasonal passes aren’t just for Discovery Kingdom, either – they can be used at any Six Flags park.

So, what are some upcoming events this spring? Well, to celebrate the 70th birthday of the Asian elephant Taj, guests who have a birthday in March will receive some special gifts. There will also be a Safari Discovery Day, Ocean Discovery Day, and plenty of shows and games. Later this summer there will be a 4th of July fireworks celebration and A Walk in the Park event to help raise money to support children with cancer.

Also, this season is the 10th anniversary of the Medusa ride. This is one of the fastest, floorless roller coasters in the world. You will be taken through nearly 4,000 feet of crazy inversions, twisted turns, and exciting loops. Medusa has a top speed of 65 mph. She lasts for 3 minutes and 15 seconds, making her one of the longest rides in the country! You really need to check this ride out on your first visit.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Thrilling Rides

There are plenty of other thrilling rides as well. Some you need to check out include: Boomerang Coast to Coaster, Kong, V2 Vertical Velocity, Voodoo, and Cobra. Some of these aren’t suitable for smaller children, so if you have any youngsters with you, you need to take them on milder rides. Kids really love Splashwater Oasis, Seaport Carousel, and Thomas the Tank Engine. There are plenty of boat rides and hot air balloon rides that the entire family can enjoy. Last but not least, you can take your kids to see all of the wild animals such as tigers, monkeys, and even sharks at the oceanarium.

Obviously, there is a lot to do at this park. Another reason why you need to get some Six Flags Discovery Kingdom discounts is so that you can save on shopping, lunch, and drinks. If you get the special seasonal package, you will be able to save plenty of money, which you can use at Cartoon Candy Kitchen, the Butterfly Shoppe, Kingdom Market, and all the other shops at the area!

You can go ahead and check out Six Flags Discovery Kingdom discounts to learn about your ticket choices. Whether you want to go with a few friends or take your family along, you can order Six Flags Discover Kingdom discount tickets and passes online ahead of time!