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Six Flags Fiesta Texas Discounts For 2010 – Learn How to Save on Tickets, Shopping, & More!

The new season has just started for Six Flags Fiesta Texas! Located near San Antonio, this park has won numerous awards over the years for its rides and entertainment. The adjacent water park, White Water Bay, is going to open in May. For now, you can enjoy the roller coasters and other fun, exciting rides. There are also shows held regularly through the season.

When planning your trip, it’s important to understand all of your options. You should go ahead and order the Six Flags Fiesta Texas discount tickets ahead of time on the internet. It can save you a lot of money if you order online. You will also save time, since you won’t have to stand around waiting in line all day. If you print out your pass, you will be able to get into the park more quickly!

Coupons are also offered online. You can get hundreds of dollars worth of bargains if you order the 2010 season pass, which will be good for ALL parks, and not just Fiesta Texas. The great thing is that season passes really don’t cost much more than the regular tickets, and pay for themselves after just two visits! As a season passholder, you will receive tons of great discounts, including extra tickets for friends and family!

So, what can you expect at this park? As mentioned above, it is filled with amazing rides, attractions, shows, concerts, and more. There is something for everyone. Some of the most popular rides include Goliath, Poltergeist, Scream, and Superman: Krypton Coaster. The Superman ride is the biggest steel coaster in the Southwest, at 16 stories high and over 4,000 feet in length! It’s a floorless coaster that goes up to 70 mph. Your feet will dangle the entire time, and you will feel as if you are flying.

Kids’ Activities in Six Flags Fiesta Texas

There are plenty of milder rides for both adults and kids. Some are at the amusement park and others are at White Water Bay. Wiggles World is an area of the park designed just for kids. It is filled with safe, mild rides, such as Big Red Cars, Big Red Plane, S.S. Feathersword Play Ship, Romp Bomp a Stomp, Wiggly Trail Ride, and Yummy Yummy Fruit Salad.

You will, of course, want to do some shopping while you’re there. With stores such as Superman Shop, ACME Company Store, and The Wiggles Shop, you will find plenty of souvenirs to buy! For this reason, you need to get all of the Six Flags Fiesta Texas discounts you can find online, so that you can have extra money for shopping!

You can really enjoy yourself at this park with Six Flags Fiesta Texas discounts, You can go on a fun, adventurous vacation without having to spend a lot of money! There are many benefits of being a passholder, such as hundreds of dollars worth of Six Flags Fiesta Texas coupons. Learn more about how to get the best deals for the 2010 season!